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Deed Restriction Service

Modification and Enforcement of Deed Restrictions through fair, consistent and respectful method.

Our team has a strong knowledge of Texas Property Law & Deed Restriction. In a 4-year role our team successfully implemented a Deed Restriction Enforcement Program resulting in 90% reduction in annual violations (over a 2 year period) and 100% reduction of violations of homes in need of significant repair.

Our Deed Restriction Service includes the following steps:

Initial meeting with Board of Directors and assigned Committee. Identify program scope and KPI’s.
Thorough analysis of Association relevant documents.
Monthly Visual Inspection of Association common areas and properties.

HEXAGON presentation to the Board of an electronic list of probable violations, classified by:

Property address
Type of violation
Recurrence (if applicable);
This Report is for the Board review and approval.

For those violation cases approved by the Board, HEXAGON presents the Board with the corresponding Letters of Violation, in an electronic format, for the Board’s clerical assistant to print and mail to the applicable members. Our team provides proposed samples of:

1st Notice of Violation 3rd
2nd Notice of Violation 2nd
3rd Third Notice of Violation (209 Letter)
Thank you Card after Correction of Violation
As an option, HEXAGON offers to add an extra Monthly Visual Inspection, applicable only to those property owners who were given a 15 day (or less) deadline to correct their violation.

Provide Membership with clarification and response regarding Deed Restriction processes.

Quarterly Presentation of KPI Report to the Board of Directors.

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