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Why hire HEXAGON?

HEXAGON is Right for any Type of Residential or Commercial Property, or Owners’ Association (HOA)

We service virtually any residential or commercial property and lease type, including Owners’ Associations (residential and commercial HOA’s), industrial facilities, commercial marketplaces, business offices, medical buildings, retail space and land.

Your Competitive Edge

In order to keep tenant satisfaction high and vacancy rates low, your property depends on how is proactively maintained and how your costs are optimized.
HEXAGON provides you with instant access to any information about your property, at any time, from anywhere.

You will actually benefit from our knowledge

Our methodology and design are entirely customer-focused. We understand the fundamental importance of anticipating maintenance needs, before buildings get damaged and before costs become unnecessary high.

State-of-the-Art Property Management

HEXAGON is an out-of-the-box solution that enables you to take care of your main business while we take care of your property.
You don’t have to pay more to receive the best service available in the market today.

Real-Time Visibility

In addition to monthly bookkeeping reports that you will receive from HEXAGON; you will notice how fast we can open / resolve / close specific work orders.
You will be able to compare online estimates versus actual invoices; you will be able to see pictures of your building before and after any repair has taken place.

No Software. No Hassles. Just Results

With HEXAGON, you don’t have any software to install in your computer, any IT guy to hire or any headaches.
Just access our website, log in with a provided username and password, and follow up, read, assess and approve work orders, ask us questions, send us requests, in real time.

First Class Security

HEXAGON utilizes the most advanced technology for Internet security to ensure that our customers’ data is never compromised.
We use the same security model as the world’s leading financial institutions.

It’s Available Anywhere, Anytime

All the information about your property is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any computer with a web-browser.
Our Tenants can pay their rent online with credit card or wire transfer, reducing time for processing payments and disbursement to property owners.

Excellent Customer Support

Our customers say this is our biggest differentiation over other property managers. Choose the type of service you need and we will take care of the rest.

Our Commitment to Your Success

We will provide you with contact information of several of our clients, who have accepted to give testimonial about how HEXAGON has been taking great care of their properties.

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